Fine, Fine, Fine, I'll Wear the Helmet

by Flower Jones

FINE, fine, fine, i'll wear the helmet
but seriously, picture this:
my cheap-ass mountain bike-style bike
that would shit its pants if ever it
saw a mountain, brakes don't work,
it's teal, it cost 100$ new,
it's got a white plastic basket on the front
with colored daises on it,
and a bell that's pink
and blue with
a smiley face on it.

now picture me riding it,
my orange underpants
coming way outta the back
of my jeans that are
in serious need of a belt,
huge sunglasses,
some kinda strange shirt, and
my mighty morphin power rangers helmet.
i'm not gonna need the helmet
if i fall off the bike
i'm gonna need it
when a pack of kids
beat me up.

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