no movie u have ever seen,obvs ever

by g.g. trollings

NO MOVIE U have ever seen,obvs ever
any cinema,ur peepers must unfunction:
in ur last *beep* posting are things that emboggle me,
with which i was rotflmao

ur shortest comment totally inflames me
¿so small minded u can be how?
i watch large scene by scene myself as Film starts
(catching carefully,intellectully)ur igonrance

lol, if you're trying to ban me, who and
what army, my posts will live indefinitely ,4eva
like the misunderstood rush hour movies
racism obvs out of your mouth exploding;

all about you i can tell from your comments
I take it ur an Athiest?:ur intolerinse
enrages me with the scariness of ur face,
gorging on sno caps n popcorn with each viewing

(i hope you eat a lot of fast food and die of a
hart attack;surely everyone's gotta recognize
the logics in your brain is thinner than all tweets)
no one,not even the natzis,were such *beeping* morons

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