the ShopRite turkeys who live in fishnet sacks

by g.g. trollings

THE SHOPRITE turkeys who live in fishnet sacks
are un-unfrozen and pout glossy pecs
(along, with the Tea Party's livery sanction
giblets,undressed volatile fervent)
all believe in One Place,Your Place, Under God,
yet rigidly in the wrong re: just about everything --
as if NE1 rightnow still finds digits
butter-smeared neck-sewing for dem Dems?
LOL! Though pundit faces fatly serve up
gravy on Choice A and Choice B
 . . . the ShopRite turkeys do not gobble about, far from
ShopRite if sometimes outside the womb of
polyethylene and greaseless, the
microwave jabbers like a natzi of furious yams

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