by Marc Carver

I READ about a remedy for baldness.
It told me
that I had to mash up the root of a banana tree.
I did not have the root of a banana tree
so I bought some bananas in Tesco's instead.

When I got home
I mashed the banana into my head
but it started to fall off
so I put the Tesco bag on my head
and sealed it with some sellotape.
After a few minutes I began to realize how stupid I looked
and thought about what people would say if they saw me like this.

After about ten minutes
I pulled off the bag
and washed the banana off
but I could not get it all off
it was all mashed up in my hair.
In the end I had to pull some of my hair out
To get it all out

I ended up with less hair than I had started with.
Life is so strange
don't you think.

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