The Scene

by ern modern

I was sitting in a bar with some friends, sipping
beer and having the usual socio-politico banter that
passes for conversation in my circle. not missing a
beat, my good friend r.k. patted down the back-end of
his marlboro lights, drew a cigarette, put it in the
side of his mouth, continental style, took out a
match book, and flicked his thumb. he'd lit a
match … without detaching it from the matchbox … with
one hand.

it was some trick. no. more. it was simple
yet impressive. expressive. a cinematic
gesture. i've often said that everyone should
tap into the collective cinematic
conciousness, learn things that characters in
Hollywood action movies instinctively know
how to do — things like hot-wiring a car or picking a lock. add
this sleight of hand to the list. no man, a smoker or not,
should be caught not knowing how to do this in a bar.
especially in a movie.

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