Proximity and Elapsion

by Adam Vatterott

I WALK INTO THE ROOM where I like to get
all of my work done, but before I sit at the
computer I am drawn toward my

piano. I play a Dominant seventh chord

and let it ring out

then I turn on my computer
and decide to have a snack while it powers up.
My refrigerator is empty and
the McDonald's is closer than
the grocery store and the bar is
even closer.

The aging sun is staring
in my face again
and again I am lying under
a bush in my neighbor's yard

after another night of drinking after

I went to my desk to do work:

They are the fourth owners of the home
since I've lived next door
and like the others, had moved in
because of marriage or a promotion

and now the fifth owners
are waking me, holding
hedge clippers.

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