by J.R. McCarthy

COME, DEMISE, and ruin my sorehead plans!
Come. Decease, and stop me from saying something insipid.
Come, Death: and then they'll be sorry . . .
Come, Death, and my paintings will finally sell.
Shake a Leg, Grim Reaper, for I am out of quarters,
And Law and Order isn’t doing it for me anymore.
Step lively, Great Equalizer, for I am terrified
That I will soon meet someone by chance.
ASAP, Ms. Dickinson, for I know nothing
But Haste, and kindly stop for no one.
Step on it, Tennessee, for this property is condemned.
And I have always relied on the kindness of stranglers.
On the double, Uncle Walt: I see you face to face,
And you are not so curious to me as you might think.
Come, Demise, and rain on my soft parade.
Come, Decease, for tomorrow may be too late.
Come, Death: Philosopher, and Vendor of Wines.
Come, Death, and help me skip out on the bill.
I'm only kidding: stay the hell away from me.

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