Deathsong for Oliver the Humanzee

by Micah Zamora

MINDLESS as Bodhidharma

w/ a hankering for scarlet plasma

I plan to dress you in Armani

tuxedos & abscond

to that creationist museum

w/ the saddled triceratops

well before night falls —

We/ll stop at that gas station

in Ardmore, Oklahoma

where Godspeed You! Black Emperor

got detained by Homeland Security

for looking more terrorist

than tourist —

We/ll empty their stocks

of Slim Jims® & Funions®

& of course you/ll go for the cashier/s

pulsing jugular, furiously lacking

the linguistic agility it takes

to say: dark matter

& no, when your distant

cousins w/ copper insignia arrive

on the scene, their rifles won/t be loaded

w/ bananas.

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