Ode to Curry

by Sarah Tepsic

AT the Indian buffet
I can eat til I vomit,
choke down platefuls of rice
with everything on it —
dum aloo, aloo gobi,
raita and lassi
biryani and koftas,
with sweet mango chutney.
Oh matar paneer
you soft, curried mess
atop onion naan
is how you're served best.
And mulligatawny
let me not forget you!
You're runner up to my favorite:
curried goat stew.
I embellish with relish,
the chaat and parathas.
And oh gee, the ghee!
I could devour for hours
the chapatis, the tamarind,
and the galub jamun.
The sour lime pickles
send me to the moon!
At the cheapie buffet
I will while away hours
amidst hindi music
and cheap plastic flowers.
India, my India
your food makes me drool,
and sends me to paradise.
You totally rule!

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