Love Sonnets of an Office Boy (Sonnet III)

An Asinine Classic

by Samuel Ellsworth Kiser

I WISH a fire'd start up here, some day
And all the rest would run away from you—
The boss and that long-legged book-keeper, too,
That you keep smilin' at — and after they
Was all down-stairs you'd holler out and say:
"Won't no one come and save me? Must I choke
And die alone here in the heat and smoke?
Oh, cowards that they was to run away!"
And then I'd come and grab you up and go
Out through the hall and down the stairs, and when
I got you saved the crowd would cheer, and then
They'd take me to the hospital, and so
You'd come and stay beside me there and cry
And say you'd hate to live if I would die.

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