Love Sonnets of an Office Boy (Sonnet VI)

An Asinine Classic

by Samuel Ellsworth Kiser

WHEN YOU'RE typewritin' and that long-legged clerk
Tips back there on his chair and smiles at you,
And you look up and get to smilin', too,
I'd like to go and give his chair a jerk
And send him flyin' till his head went through
The door that goes out to the hall, and when
They picked him up he'd be all black and blue
And you'd be nearly busted laughin' then.
But if I done it, maybe you would run
And hold his head and smooth his hair and say
It made you sad that he got dumped that way,
And I'd get h'isted out for what I done —
I wish that he'd get fired and you'd stay
And suddenly I'd be a man someday.

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