Interview by the Board, or, Barking up the Wrong Hydrant

by Heather Dubrow

"More co-ops, particularly tony residences on Fifth Avenue and Central Park West, have been asking prospective buyers to submit their dogs to interviews, as well as requiring letters of recommendation from dog walkers, neighbors and groomers."--NY Times, Real Estate section, Aug 28, 2011, p.2

Q: Is your family established? and dignified?
A: Dad's the champion stud of the Upper East Side
Q: In elevators are you subdued?
A: Those growling kids are much more rude.
Q: Would you tip over trashcans? And do you yelp?
A: No. And my owners overtip the help.
Q: Spell out financials: salary, stocks, loans.
A: I never let Madoff get his paws on my bones.

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