Undergraduate Essay: Teenagers R Smart

by Catty Marlboro

This essay was submitted at the end of the spring 2013 semester by an undergraduate at a northwestern university, a proud graduate of No Child Left Behind.

Teenagers R Smart

by ♥! SmartyParty!♥ ‏

Ha ha I know its not supposed to be "R Smart" should be is. In today's society, people are blaming teenagers for all the problems. This has happened since the beginning of time. I would not ever want to say there are not people on our campus that at first in the classroom are not hard to understand, at least until students get used to them. But in the real world, today's teenagers are all that and they should not be blamed for the state of the world now or in the past.

Fistly, teenagers are not stupid. Now in days

Second of all teens are not stupid. Now in days people forget that teenagers invented the internet in a garage  . . . with a box of scraps!!! Teenage people are very inventinve and they have invented man important inventions, like YO WHASSUP WEA YHU AT!!!???
Iknoo that nigga broke yo heart!!
Blame it on ya ex, not mee
oh hold up i am texting my fren jaime while i write thishold on my phone

Okay, Third of all, we live in an age of the best music ever, and that's cause of teenagers. People should be allowed freedom in all areas and aspects of life; but if freedom is hurting others and causing devious behavior it needs to be stopped. The information superhighway gives the freedom to access all kinds of information and is a good research tool. When was the last time a teacher assigned a paper due on bomb making? What use does this type of information have? None, the only use a bomb has is to hurt people. Censoring the Internet would take away these harmful materials and stop any tragedies before they happen. Horrible things will occur even if censorship takes place but at least the information causing such tragedies will not be accessed through the simple click of a mouse.

In conclusion, Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That's why its called the present.

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