Yet Another Chapbook!

by David Alpaugh

WE NEED 1/8TH INCH to build a spine,
I tell the poet. A minimum of 40 pages.
You only have 20. Even had you 20
more the largest size type that'll fit on
1/8th inch (see Physics 101) is 6 point.
You'd need, I tell him, a magnifying glass
to read name & title on such a skinny spine;
and since his poetry can't be perfect bound
I suggest he call it: Yet Another Chapbook!
Then ease the pain of another farewell
to the National Book Award or Pulitzer
by praising the integrity of staples.
How gallantly those loyal silver prongs
hide the hickeys on a 60 pound cover.
Their support is unconditional. They
will neither belittle your metaphors nor
nitpick your prosody; just blindly sink
teeth into whatever the stapler submits;
bent (as they are) on simply holding
1     more     lost     world     together.

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