I was lonely and depressed,
too much work to rest.
And I had to do my laundry, too.
It was on a Saturday,
didn't plan to stay
when she walked into the laundry room.

She kissed me on the cheek,
said, ''How are you, Richie?''
and invited me to sit down.
What else could I say?
I was dying for a lay,
so I figured I would hang around.

She kissed me on the mouth,
then worked her lips down south —
here was my teenage dream!
As her clothes began to soak through
I knew that I would have to
write a letter to a magazine.

I'd met her someplace else,
I recalled through moans and yells,
but fuck me if I knew her name.
I not only got my socks cleaned
I also got my clock cleaned
and washed my shorts right after I came!

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