Nearer My God to Thee SPONSORED POEM

by Corporate Entity

This Agreement* certificates
(except as otherwise noted in Agreement)

(a) Employment of a Diety (Licensee)
which shall reasonably be believed in,
whether or not crosses are raised,
by the Company (Licensor);

(b) Licensee shall appear in darkest times
(e.g., Senate subcommittee hearings, low sales quarter)
and be available at all hours,
including and exclusively in Licensor’s “dreams”;

(c) Compensation to reflect the Indenture
of Angels™, otherwise known as LICENSED PRODUCT,
beckoning to Licensor;

(d) All joys, songs, etc.,
sun, moon, and stars notwithstanding,
shall remain as Benefits to Licensor.
[In Addition to Offered Debt Securities]; and

(e) Any absence of the parties hereto,
shall amount to FORFEIT of faith
by the Company without arbitration.

THEN and only THEN Licensor agrees
to locate headquarters
generally nearer to Licensee,
per written instrument in this Agreement,
effective age
after age.

*This poem is sponsored by Corporate Entity™ as a service to its fans, shareholders and the general public. Access to and use of this poem and any other poem that is written or spoken by Corporate Entity™ or its subsidiaries are subject to the terms set forth in terms of use. Reference to "this poem" includes any and words occurring in said "poem." BY ACCESSING AND USING ANY PART OF THIS POEM, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ THESE TERMS AND EXPRESSLY AGREE AND CONSENT TO BE BOUND BY ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN THESE TERMS OF USE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS, PLEASE PROMPTLY EXIT THE POEM AND YOU MAY NOT ACCESS OR USE ANY PART OF THE POEM. CORPORATE ENTITY™ RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MODIFY THESE TERMS AT ANY TIME AND YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY SUCH MODIFICATIONS OR REVISIONS.


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