The Comeuppance of Little Bo-Peep

by Rich Harris

LITTLE BO PEEP has lost her sheep, she doesn't know where they are
Well, I think she does for only last week she took them away in her car

This in itself was a devilish job; of sheep she had seventy-nine
She put some in the back, some in the front and tied the rest to the roof with some twine

She started the engine and drove off real far; she drove with care and with caution
With a car full of mutton she drove right through Sutton and stopped at the nearest farm auction

You see Peep was a swindle, a crook and no good and the reason she’d made this mad dash
Was to sell off her sheep for people to eat and then make off with bundles of cash

The sheep how they cried as she waved them goodbye from her car with its engine still running
But she should have been wise, maybe opened her eyes, because sheep don't you know are quite cunning

In another mad dash, as quick as a flash, the sheep had escaped from their captors
They ambushed Miss Peep, dressed her up like a sheep, and then helped all the farm hands to catch her

We end this sad tale with a moral, my friends, which I'll tell with a tear in my eye,
A reversal of fate left Bo Peep in a state; she's the one who'll end up in a pie.

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