Boy Makes Rare Dino Discovery

by V.S. Frimmit

The child barely more than a toddler waddles into the kitchen where his father and his Aunt Margo wrestle on the floor. "The boy and I often go collect fossils," the father later tells his lawyer, "just as something to do to get out of the stinking house." The father covers himself with a frying pan and walks the boy back to the family room. "Some of the largest animals ever to walk on Earth were the sauropods," the father once said on a field trip. "And the most famous of these was the 'Thunder Lizard’: the Brontosaurus. But for years some people have been saying it never existed." In court, Aunt Margo would say that her sister never understood the father, that he was was an old soul, a soul so old it was estimated to date back 100 million years. "The Brontosaurus is back, son," the father tells the boy, giving him a tablet to play with and then running back to the kitchen. "The Brontosaurus is back!"

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