You'll Never Guess the Ending of this Poetic Rant by Caitlyn Jenner

As told to Stoney Emshwiller

by Stoney Emshwiller

CHILDREN GO HUNGRY, there’s rape and there’s war,
There’s sexism, racism – isms galore!

The rainforests fall and the temperatures rise,
Yet we keep dumping nasty-assed crap in our skies.

The rich make more money, while poor folks make less,
And our old infrastructure’s a crumbling mess.

Corruption runs rampant. Our leaders? Buffoons,
Removing the science from science classrooms!

Being black gets you killed, being gay gets you beaten
Being smart gets you labeled “elite” by some cretin.

Corporations are people, but people are not,
And wearing a hoodie at night gets you shot.

But the media grasps what we folks need to know.
They understand just what to tell and to show.

Yes, through all the above, one tough inquiry wins:
“What's the status of things at the fork of your pins?”

“Will you still wear long pants? Or high-heels and a mini?”
“Will your outie be surgically changed to an innie?”

“Was it hormones or implants that gave you your breasts?”
“And when will you start getting yearly pap tests?”

It’s inspiring to know, that when troubles arise,
‘Murkans still know the way to prioritize.

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