by S. B. Klein

I HAVE A SPECIAL fondness for butter cookies with sprinkles
Pink sprinkles, yellow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles.
But I don't like multi-colored sprinkles.
There's something aesthetically unpleasant about them.
I especially like chocolate sprinkles on ice cream--lots of them!
Often I request, "More chocolate sprinkles on the side, please."
I should feel embarrassed, but I don't.
Then there's the matter of sprinkles on donuts.
I like them too.
But not the red, white, and blue ones commemorating holidays
such as Memorial Day or July 4th
Sprinkles are not meant to be exploited for political purposes.
I should not have to "prove" my patriotism by eating a donut with red,
white, and blue sprinkles.
It desecrates the stars and stripes and the donut.

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