That's the Way I Like It

by Hal Sirowitz

"Niagara Falls is the bride's second great disappointment." --Oscar Wilde

I didn't have my honeymoon at Niagara Falls,
but I've been there, and was not disappointed.
The United States side was much more
commercial, but the Canadian side makes
up for that. It's true that the Falls doesn't have
the water power it used to possess. That's
because the Canadian Authorities lowered
the water pressure to prevent people
from jumping over the Falls. The first
woman to survive the ride in a barrel
thought it would make her rich and famous.
It only made her infamous. The best thing
about the Falls is you can view it
from many angles -- look down upon it
from a tower or walk along it through
natural caves, getting wet. I wish I
could say the same about love.

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