Mindfully Eating a Chocolate Frozen Banana Baby

by S. B. Klein

I am mindfully eating a Chocolate Frozen Banana Baby.
I am present with the Banana Baby.
I realize I did not let it thaw enough.
I am getting a brain freeze—ooh, haaaa, oooh, hahaha—COLD!
I cannot put it down and wait until it thaws because I am too far
gone in the eating of the Chocolate Frozen Banana Baby.
There is no postponing. There is only enduring.
I like the way the warmth from my mouth fogs the chocolate.
Condensation is cool!
I am wondering: where do Banana Babies come from?
I think the same place that baby carrots, baby corn, baby back
ribs, and baby leeks come from.
Oh, this mindful eating of the Chocolate Frozen Banana Baby
brings back childhood memories
To all those previous brain freezes and sordid feelings of being
small and powerless.
The Banana Baby has thawed to the point that a dislodged
piece of chocolate has melted onto the paper wrapper and
dripped onto the table.
The Banana Baby is no longer intact and has lost a great deal
of its appeal.
I am mindfully discarding the remainder of the Banana Baby.

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