Spin Cycle

by Tracey Gratch

OH, LET THE GAMES begin, in earnest --
Let the pollsters poll, divert us
Let the networks drone, discern this
while free-speech-money fuels this circus.

Let factions split and grow like cancer,
rhetoric beguile with answers
Let super-PACs incite the masses
waging war between the classes.

Let partisans dig shallow graves
for courtesans their clients laid
Let hacks bat clean-up, firing aides
as pundits spin their yarns to skeins.

Let mongers spook the populous
and Fox call-out the straw-man's bluff
Let freedom ring throughout the land
(though let Kalashnikovs be banned!)

Let rabble-rousers speak in half-truths,
leading us down paths of no use --
Let the votes be tallied fairly,
Let the least mad win this squarely

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