The Coffee Break Waltz*

by Daniel Sciarra

CO-WORKER'S got me smokin'
boiling hot and breathing hard
no time for stealing bases
I tell ya I'm goin' yard

pants down, belt goes flyin'
no time for bra or shirt
I stop to pose the question
''why don't you wear a skirt?''

whisper words of passion
and shift to find the fit
slide it in, then in again
while fumbling for a tit

I step into the trash can
and we stumble to the floor
I try to keep from pounding
your head into the door

a rug burn on my elbow
from that final frantic thrust
quickly regain composure
lysol hides that smell of lust

we just got done the nasty
but what comes next is worst
we stand around and argue
who should walk out first

*Honorable mention, asinine poetry literary contest, spring 2002

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