I Looked at the Aspirin Lady's Nails on Television*

by Lover Dudley

I looked at the aspirin lady's nails on television
I wanted her to touch me

The girls
in the grocery checkout
speak of shoe size
And I fantasize lesbian foot sex

Every morning
on the train
Each girl, so freshly scrubbed
tucked now into boots and leather
It's cold outside
but inside their skin is warm
Soapy clean and smooth

One day,
I followed a girl up Sixth Avenue
just to watch sunlight collect
and shimmer
in the nylon pockets of her ankles
a range of miniature dunes made of lycra
softly shifting as she walked

The young Latina girls
working in an office here
Dress like stewardesses from the soft porn film
looping in my brain
I hear their skirt linings rustle when they cross their legs
Coffee, tea or me?

When I look at women,
I wonder how they dress

I picture them,
It's sexier than undressing them with my eyes

You talk about erotic
You live erotic
You're just censored

It's up to men
We who undress women with our eyes
and masturbate a lot
Who make your sex lives
seem normal
Even ''kinky''
Although your kink is our norm

Thank me later by letting me sleep with your girlfriend

*Honorable mention, asinine poetry literary contest, spring 2002

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