Addicted to Snood

by Catherine Hoffmann

Those fine little faces
Green, yellow, and red
They keep me from cleaning
From going to bed.

They blink at me, smile
And bear their small teeth
They’re stealing my time
Like a crafty old thief.

But I love them, I say
Spike, Zod, and Jake
They make me so happy
Despite the time that they take.

It started quite small
With games that were rationed.
'Register pleeeeeeease'
They sang with a passion.

And so I gave in,
Sent in my bucks
But now I'm addicted,
It's starting to suck.

I play in the morning,
I play it at night.
My husband's not happy,
We're starting to fight.

I own the high scores
On all levels but one.
The Child division
I've left to my son.

What can I do?
It's really not funny
I must break my obsession
With Spike, Zod, and Sunny.

I know I could make
My life more constructive
If only my addiction
Weren't so destructive.

I'm writing this poem
To show the naysayers
That there's more to my life
Than Numbskulls and players.

When I think it all through,
This computer game curse,
It occurs to me now
That I could be much worse.

I could be drinking
Carousing, gambling, and flirting.
But when I play Snood
Who am I hurting?

That's really the point
I say to you people.
I’ll finish the chores
When I get top score in Evil.

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