Dear Johnny

by Caustic Casey

I saw a condom still in its wrapper in the road.
i readed your web page and i didn't really like it.
i really don't like ralveoliis.
i tried a fart before and i pooped in my pajamas.
momma bought me a bahloon and i poppahd it.
i saw a naked lady on my computer screen
and my peepee started to feel funny.
i falled off a ladder and daddy yelled at me.
i rided my friends bike and the weel fell off and i slid on my face
in the road.
i have a scab for a face and now nobody looks at me.
i like to burn garbage while my sister is sleeping.
i saw sawdust floating in the holy water at church.
i throwed a dirt bomb at some bees and they flew on me and bighted me.

i have to go to school now.

but i will tell you more sometime soon.

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