Song of Mling

by Robert McNamara

ZOUNDS was a strumpet
sent to mock me
and the crust
of my underoos

Ignatz is the woe
fey harmoniac
jousting hiccups
toward a galloping sky

Ishkabibble foamed
over the moon
like cheeze turned
to bubbling soup

Glouton flies thru
the ink of comet blood's
swarth of sun speckled
luminous high night

Flibbertigibblet carries
a flytrap hydrogorgon
in his bol weevil
coat made of fanghair

Eureka speaks with
lips of dainted pulp
of starlight glistening
on dappled lip

Mergatroid Matusak watusi'd
in lost Atlantis
safe beneath the ocean
ablaze with love's allure

Noodlegirl #1 ranaway
from festive elephantine
spangled darjeeling
gulag mustache spiders

Gorr the golden gorilla
topples the palace
steeple, the steps
of time crushed

Gadzooks plays faces
with the heavens,
flips a coin to see
luscious desire or thirst

Sliwo the magic priest
heckles all creation
into thrall with
a rainbow mantra-gun smile

Rintah sails away
on a voyage of fumes
across desolate sea
of salt without wind

Urka divines essence
from the pendulous psyche
blinded with lust
to merge and transcend

and Mling sweet sighs
aloud rocking in a sling
of dazzling heights
blissfully evaporating

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