I Was Eight in 2024

by Natty "Bumppo" Robles

WHEN Mom took me to Disney's Grand
Canyon(R) -- 1/8th the size of the original and
    You couldn't go
      to the real one anymore, Mom sed,
     it's gone

We took the robo-donkey down it told us
about the layers of rock
and sang songs
    I remember Mom saying --
      How can Phil Collins linger
         and Springsteen be so long ded?

From there we walkd to really shui Nike Tower(R),
     which Mom said was really in Paris
Next to that the Animals of the Past
tigers, whales, frogs, birds, bats
that died because their clones were bad

Mom said this was better
     than me just jacking into a vid at home
      At least,
    we got out of the house

That's when we stoppd at the bottom
by the McDonald's
and Mom stard at me I askd her what was
      She just lookd at me and told me
        she was sorry
Sorry about what?
    All this, she said
I told her,
    But I like it

From there we went to Disney's Jersey
Turnpike(R) ride, which Mom said she had to admit
    was smoother
      than the real one.

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