Make It So

by Robert McNamara

blind eyesight
vapor trails
drift my way

all the way
way to go
fi fo fum
fee fi fo

gotta be easy
don't make it hard
a penis looks
like Captain Picard

choppers swirling
after me
mosquitoes spray
to kill mosquitoes

rippled water
in your mind
dragonfly antics
a million eyes

gotta make it easy
'cause it's so hard
a game cock crows
''Capt. Picard!''

I bought you flowers
forgot your name
evening glistens
with west nile mist

I'm coughing achin'
humpin' moanin'
twisting shifting
spitting image

I'm making being
earning yearning
sleep eye swelter
got ya sneezing

I'm faster louder
bigger filling
dreamy creamy
laying thunder

planets poppin'
hills a-rockin'
rolling strolling
wired fire

cops are chasing
thru the night sky
swarming hazing
humans nesting

let it be easy
I'm getting hard
make it so, make it so
said Capt. Picard

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