Bo-Bo Brazil

by Robert McNamara

BO-BO BRAZIL is running out of time!
trying to sweat into leopard tights
he can't find the ring where his head-butt is
Bo-Bo Brazil!
master of the head-butt
has a match with the deadliest man alive
enter Count Dante like afro-dragon!
he fights with brain-claw and vampire beard
Bo-Bo! better get your boots on!
Count Dante is the undefeated supreme
and if you send in coupon NOW!
Bo-Bo! drop kick wiggle dance shimmy shimmy
shake co-co butt coconuts galore
mail no-risk Guaranteed order-form now
enable to crush all opponents
Bo-Bo Brazil! you're running down in time
trying to squeeze into glitter trunks
Dante in red flame has eyes of black fire
kung-fu vampire leaps off top rope
wins death matches, etc.
Bo-Bo Brazil hasn't got a chance
bronx salsa will weep for its steel-cage son
Count Dante is the Deadliest Man Alive!
and he's only 25 cents for postage!

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