Two Asinine Kids Argue Over Who Is Stupid*

by Stephen Du Marais

YOU'RE stupider than me.
It's in my genes, you see.
My dad is fly
so, so am I.

That is wack, jack,
you talk smack,
you're stupid and your dad's not fly,
he's just an old, fat guy.

That's what I said,
you stupidhead,
my dad is phat,
and so that's that —
those genes are mine,
not just now, but all the time,
they're grown into my bones
they're there forever, homes.

Then it's the other way,
you got your dad's genes you say,
but your dad ain't fly,
and so that's why,
you have stupid genes,
and stupid bones,
your dad's a phony,
and I'm not your homey.

You're just mad,
and ain't it sad,
but you got no cred,
'cause your dad's dead.

*Honorable mention, asinine poetry literary contest, fall 2002

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