Snot Cousin

by Raul Chuletas

WE were very poor but we had a lot of cousins
but damn they always ate our food and drank our yoo-hoo
so we decided to make our own cousin but what
shall we make him out of? my sister said, yeah, what do
we make him out of, my brother said, the only thing
we seemed to have a lot of was snot so we saved
up our boogers and shaped his arms and legs lucky it
was winter and we all had colds.
                                                steve was skinny and
had little hairs and flecks of blood but he was always
there to talk to, see?, and didn't eat our ring dings
we would take him out to play and you could throw the ball
to him and he'd catch it 'cause it'd stick in his chest

but the spring rains came and he was standing in left field
and we didn't notice that he was, like, melting
wiped our boogers after that on the frame of the
door and that became like a memorial to him.

(Previously published in 11211 Magazine.)

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