Monsters and Destroyers*

by Robert McNamara

WHAT'S better?
Godzilla King of the Monsters or King Ghidra, three headed

What's better?
dinosaur bone throat shriek or Rodan flap vapor trail in sky

What's better?
Ghidra shooting blublup electricity from mouths, 9 necks thrashing
            or 6'' twin polynesian orchids calling
            ''motheraaaa,    motheraaa,    motheraaa''

What's better?
monsters who melt buildings or monsters who boil the ocean

Tokyo's destroyed!      Frozen Hiroshima!

What's better?
monsters who walk and crush or cannons who spit fire

What's better?
Brown Gargantua from mountains or Green Gargantua from sea

History destroyed!      Streets rebuilt!

What's better?
monsters who spit fire or turtles who retract into shell and spin

World destroyed!      And now   The World …

What's better?
Glowing shorts knapsack and baseball cap boy waving,
            ''Goodbye Godzilla!    Goodbye!''
            or children who see monster island in dreams

Children know monsters!    Run with them in dreams

*Honorable mention, asinine poetry literary contest, fall 2002

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