Places, Please

by Velvet Undergarments

ONE of these days, and it won't be long
You'll hear the glorious strains of my own theme song

I was born in a place I'll never belong
As you'll hear at the open of my own theme song

Reused and rebuilt, reissued before long
Through the more plaintive measures of my own theme song

I can hear you laughing as I stumble, headlong
In the winning slapstick segment of my own theme song

* * *       * * *       * * *

They tell me that I need to add a bridge as well
''It won't add anything, but man that thing'll sell!''

* * *       * * *       * * *

Now the brass and strings begin to wing a thousand strong
As they try to make me answer for my own theme song

And she won't ever know how badly it went wrong
Since I tore apart the lyrics to my own theme song

                                                          (For dear Luigi)

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