Shout Out

(for Meatball Brown)

by Robert McNamara

DEDICATED to Bizzaro
the mad tempest, poolong
the troubadour, Dr.
Sardonico, marauder, Blue
Platypus, the Barnyard,
MOVER, the moon
behind the curtains,
Pish-Posh, Flibbertigibbet,
suncrest crescendo,
the Fat Family, Bruno
the Salmon, molodious
fart, tampoon
lampoon harpoon-
Tang, the forget-me-not
shivers, Spiral Bound,
the Givers, Blohard the
mighty majestic maven of
insignificant mung
marmalade toejam
moaner of mental maniacal
mind control existential
cowtrance turdchamp
garden soil of God's
handicap (the Earth)
realm, the Foaming,
Railroad Vein, Slip
the Slick Radish, flytrap,
Sorrento the smelly cheese,
flubug doorknob, Twisteroo,
Photon the mild,
Garzon the moist,
Gluton the germ,
Sliwo the magic fleece,
ZZZZAxx the crackle-charge
Grokko the space dragon,
Santos the vampire,
Dana the red slime,
pre-empted reruns,
brutes from beyond,
charmed lilies,
RAINKISS, all our
sweet loved ones,

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