Freak Party

by Robert McNamara

MANY many people
many headed hydras
hungry hungry hippos
misfire saliva
frogs that fuck
swamps all jumping
big eyed bugs
jive talkin'
telling me lies
trying to sell me
your burger and fries
digital money
in a plastic hell
cities crumble
in the swell
many many people
twist and shake
sway their hips
bump and grind
kiss and moan
while the goons
tap your phone
give a little
give a lot
let me find
your special spot
name your poison
take a chance
party atomic
dine and dance
many many lovers
pulse and groan
Dick Clark callin'
on the phone
Times Square ball drop
nobody home
many many women
tingle sway
fresh as daisies
blown away
by a darkstar wind
like nuclear bomb
freak out suicide
fountain of flame
like 4th of July
white flags burn
gonna burn the sky
many many lovers
get down tonight
many many people
blow their lethal minds
blasphemy infamy
watch the signs
history meltdown
close your eyes
like a symphony
you decide
many lucky mothers
live on the run
from forecast weatherman
bastard son
many headed hydra
son of a gun
stun gun
blue pig clubs
my head
riot squad nazis
out for blood
new world order
take out food
tax my soul
so lewd and crude
rude dude
don't ya think I'm
in the mood
on fluid druid
sonic reducer
I'm an agitated misfit
rhyme producer
many many people
in a hydra hive
busy gettin' tired
just to stay alive
many many people
born each day
searching for space
gotta get away
from HMO WTO
funky fuckin' NATO
better get MAACO
and psychic drano
asskickin' sidekick
live volcano
you ain't got my sympathy
or muscular dystrophy
I think you're gonna atrophy
on fried baloney
many all people
born to be
pray at midnight
by a Christmas tree
many many creatures
Gorilla Monsoon
pontoon lampoon
typhoon too soon
fell my love plenty
set my baby free
doomsday's nuthin'
can't you see
with a little luck
who gives a suck
take it from me
staggered and stoned
lips like wine
many much lovin'
freak party divine

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