Enjoy Xmas More

by Finny Deerfield

NO cash for the holiday? No need to shoplift!
Just open your closets, dust off and regift.
Hand out leftovers, and get off scott-free.
clear off those shelves and restore your chi
Think of it not as canny ol' grift
but more about giving your feng shui a lift
Pass on that green and gray scarf from Aunt Sal
just make sure it ain't seen by that nosy old gal
Rewrap that ashtray you once were sent
No one will dare ask how much you spent
In fact, no one will know, so it won't cause a rift —
And presents of all kinds give delight and uplift!
No holiday season should disrupt your cash flow
and it's always much fun to see clutter go
Now, if someone complains that they have been stiffed
Tell them to be grateful — and amazed at your thrift.
To be cheap and miserly was not your intent —
but you enjoy Xmas more, when you've money for rent.

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