Standing in Three Inches of Brown Water

by P-Woody

STANDING in three inches of brown water
wondering what went wrong or right for that matter
washin my hair in the falling rain
watchin my life go down the drain
swirling water taking it all down the drain
all my thoughts down the drain
roach crawlin up my leg
roach crawlin up my leg
I don't want to know where it's goin
I don't want to know where it's headin
I wish that roach would slide down the drain
but it's too big, it'll drive me insane

The roach falls off, floats in the brown water
there's hope yet if it sinks in the water
I wash my face with the cheap shampoo
It's okay cause there's hair on my face too
rationalizing is my best skill
I look down at the roach and stay still
it's clung to my leg hair
it's crawling on my hair
I don't know if it's out to save itself or take me
it's getting closer to my knee
it resists the water flowing on my leg
it clings to the hair on my leg
I shake it, shake it, it comes loose.

Sometimes I wish I had a lot of booze
to drink in the shower, a little booze

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