All Is Forgiven

by Easter Cathay

I miss Billy Clinton
I miss his nice teeth
Put him back in the White House
With a welcome-home wreath.

Please come home, Bill Clinton;
We miss your big grin
We take it all back
And forgive your small sin.

Come back to us, Clinton,
I'm sorry I spread
All those rude jokes regarding
Your performance in bed.

I miss your small ears
And your shirt smeared with lipstick.
I miss your distinguishing

This Bush sprig's deluded;
His ego unchecked,
Our civil rights gutted,
The economy wrecked.

The Bush cabinet
would make anyone puke.
International diplomacy?
Their answer's a nuke.

We miss you, Bill Clinton.
We never expected
You'd seem so attractive
When seen retrospected.

We wouldn't have to worry
That you'd drop The Bomb
You would have conducted
Yourself with aplomb.

I miss you a lot
Now that Bush makes us blue.
I miss Socks, I miss Chelsea,
I miss Hillary too.

We miss your appointees;
we miss Tipper and Al Gore;
We miss your agenda:
''Make Interns, Not War!''

We want democracy back
In the Capitol dome.
Even Monica misses you;
Bill Clinton, come home!

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