Seduction in the Snow

by W.D. Wilcox

DRIVING through the driven snow
with my true love by my side,
soon a feeling of ribaldry
crept across my musing mind.

I asked her if she ever had
done the dirty deed in snow.
She told me that she never had
but would give it her best go.

So we climbed out of our car
into a deep secluded drift.
Nimbly then our clothes came off
like we were opening up a gift.

Heartily we held each other,
our buff-bare bodies all aglow
in our little game of love,
our seduction in the snow.

Tenderly I tried to lay her
at our cold and snowy stop,
but her backside couldn't bear it,
so she opted to be on top.

Men are funny kinds of creatures
with some parts smaller than they think,
and as my bottom touched the ground,
those parts began to shrink.

She giggled as I shivered there
feeling like a helpless jerk.
There would be no satisfaction
from little parts that wouldn't work.

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