Haikus Inspired by Donald Rumsfeld

by Paul Kane and Jeff Pierce

DO not piss me off
face contorted and wrinkled
all hail to the chief

SHOCK and awe today
look over your shoulder punk
can you see the dawn?

NOT for faint hearted
I already answered that
now shoo, all you pests

EH, shrugs Rummy at
Death to America noise
we'll fucku up too

BIG boom boom baby
Baath balls float in Euphrates
eh, shrugs Rummy — next?

QUAGMIRE, you asked?
speed magic supreme power
complete ass-kicking

AH, billions trillions
sure, we have a lot of them
compassionate death

BIG all knowing grin
consequences, they are sweet
the planet quivers

I love the smell of
cozy smug tv pundits
I proved all so wrong

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