A Hungry Poem

by Gregory Lawrence Stewart

IN som Nia where I see ya, by the way did I happen to say
once upon a time last month Meryl Streep drove by today
in her Volvo XC90 right beside Holly would (Hi!)
and did I not roll down my window did I not just drive on by

In som Nia where I see ya and by the way did I reply
to the BUY NOW ebay seller then retract pie in the sky
yes I did and now again I am lost in eBay hell
where I am slapped and then I'm labeled (deadbeat) now they will not sell

In som Nia there's no eating I will be this stark thin rail
and be famous just for being and God will drop right out of hell
overwhelmingly alarming fragments from the great beyond
will be granted to me squawking like a screaming car alarm

In som Nia where my wishes are all granted and stand out
over there and over there and somewhere here or near-abouts
after looking after searching after everything I love
nothing suits me no one sees me wear myself just like a glove

In som Nia orchestrated dead and gone Vivaldi plays
by the way did I tell ya who's name I dropped and broke today
it was Lilly silly Tomlin but that was four years ago they say
and I still feel a touching hold right here in hand replayed

In som Nia or was it Mia no I've never dropped her name
never met her never knew her never let what falls away
ever enter in som Nia Lisa Marie everybody feng shui
did I tell you what it is that wakes me shakes me and it's okay

In som Nia I have found the only silence of the day
no one sharking no one barking no one bidding on eBay
only me and all this silence right up to the edge of night
God is watching and he's quiet in som Nia here, alright?

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