Of Such Things

by Fred Byrnes

I get introduced
to a Beat Generation Poet
right after I mailed back a letter
to Purdue University
They had written me
asking for poems for their lit mag
I sent the poems
They sent them back with a letter
on why they couldn't use them
They also include some advice
I sent them back their letter
advised them what they could do
with their advice

The Beat Generation Poet
is dropping names
Ginsberg, Corso, Ferlinghetti
I'm not impressed
He tells me Bukowski's dying
of liver trouble in San Pedro
Hell, the drinking will always
get its job done, unlike my poems
at Purdue

The Beat Generation Poet
asked me to read a poem of mine
I read one
about a woman I once loved
A woman now gone
like all the women I once loved
are gone

He tells me it's good for a man to be vulnerable
Maybe he's right
Sunday, I bought this new woman in my life
a flower in a flower pot
This way she'll have something
to throw at me in a couple of months

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