Hello, Susie

by Dustin Michael

HELLO, Susie.
My friends say I'm still hung up —
after — you know.
But I'm dealing with it,
taking showers again,
keeping myself busy
exploring my talents —
you would be amazed
the kinds of wonderful
miniature models
I can now create
with some Ramen noodles
and a little glue.

I'm sure glad we're still friends —
that you still call just to say,
''I just remembered, you still have my….''
How's the new guy?
I'll bet he's well-liked
by your dad and mom
since he's tall
and has nice clothes
and great skin
and a ''respectable'' job
and a shiny new silver sports car —

I just called to tell you, Susie,
about the new girl in my life —
a 36-24-36
whom I met
on the Internet
who is supposed to send me
a picture soon.
When she visited my web page,
she said I'm
quite inspired.

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