Advice for Those Who Just Flew In

by Raul Chuletas

DO not be reading the Daily News
nor the New York Post, they are
toilet papers that'll teach you
to be ignorant. Still,
the horoscopes are good, and
the New York Times
has no cartoons

Stop freakin staring, this is not
like you think, a movie set.
People live and die here just like
folks back in Iowa. Of course, though,
I love the view from the Promenade
before I'm asked to move along

Go back where you came from. It's
already too freakin' crowded, and
you'll just get the rents raised. Still,
I'm no longer afraid to walk the streets
at night, and I can finally get a cup of overpriced coffee
in Williamsburg.

(Previously published in 11211 Magazine.)

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