Myself for Halloween

by Dustin Michael

I want to go
As myself for Halloween
In a giant suit like a sports mascot
Made of foam that looks like
My clothes and skin

It will be flame retardant and
Shiny safety strips will transect the slouched back
In front, sloppy foam t-shirt un-tucked
With awesome screen-printed decal
Baggy foam pants, cargo candy pockets

I want the suit's mouth so agape
That my real face can poke through
If I have pimples on Halloween
They'll be represented on the foam face
With pepperonis and

The eyes will beam bright
Cute foam awkwardness
Right at my neighbors
Telling them not to ask
Aren't I a little big for trick or treats

That guy's a real douche
They'll mutter through screen door
As the back of my foam me suit
Melts into shadows past porchlights
With some of their candy

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