Jumping the Shark®

by Gordon Stanley

WHEN Happy Days came on TV, the show hit number one
but once Fonzie jumped the shark® that time, the show was no more fun

Think back when Sargent replaced York as Derwood on Bewitched?
Did they think we wouldn't notice that the husband had been switched?

How about on The Brady Bunch when Oliver moved in?
Was I the only one who thought that this kid did Tiger in?

See, each and every TV show has its own shark to jump®
Once a series stumbles past its prime, it slides into the dump.

Now of course this makes me wonder if it's the same with life.
Does each and every one of us write off a Barney Fife?

Does a moment always happen, like Diane and Sam on Cheers,
when after the big climax, well, then it's all downhill for years?

See, now and then I wonder if my life has passed its peak.
Because I often get the feeling that I'm living a repeat.

Was it way back in my 20s, when I received the gong?
So maybe like Friends and Frasier, I've been on too long?!

Or else did my life, like Becker, jump at the very start?
Oh why can't things sail smooth for years, like they did on Hart to Hart?

What now but to wonder: Should I hope and keep my dreams alive?
Or I should just sit right back and wait for Ted McGinley to arrive?

But, heyyyy, maybe my shark moment is happening today.
Or is my very special episode one season away?

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