Psychkicked Out at Moobiehaus

by John Powers

I cannot go to moobies
I'm knowing every plot
every twist and turn they make
running cold und hot
It goes for indiependents
and those made in the 'wood
Mostly for the most part
most of them aren't good
Within the first five maggots
I've figured out the endings
I might as well just go and make
out without my friendings
I know who's goonna die
I know who's goonna live
I know who's goonna be the one
Who takes and never gives
Who's gohnna win the girl
Who's gohnna find the cash
Who's gohnna be the whealerdealer
And where he hides his stash
There's gophnna be explosions!!!
There's gophnna be a sting
There's gophnna be an underdog who wins at everything
red and fasty cars
Racing tru the streets
Speedy boats and buses speeding over fleeting feets
Drama queens and sidekicks
Heros with their quips
Humorless one linering at phototagonips
Directors and producers
Churning out same filmas
Jamesybonds, youthful chunks and frumpy freds and wilmas
Keanus and benafflecks
Always the same carroter
Like the hungry hughygranty guy
who's hopelessly at harrods sir!
Sequels like the first ones
Prequels like the worst ones
Freakquels like the shite that makes a hundred thousand millions
but mostly for the most part
it's gonna be offending
coz of horse there'll be of course
The happiest of endings
Or have I seen too many,
should I take a lookie
At myself or should I go
back to reading cookies.

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