What's with TV Today?

by ern modern

TURN on the tv. Go ahead. Turn to Bravo.
Fears, queers, and a hetero in trouble.
Change the station, look at HBO.
Mobsters, bee-atches, and guys in the hole.

What's with tv today? When did it all change?

Now that Jerry Springer, he's a buffoon,
But so much smarter than that fat Oprah balloon
Even with her stupid book club. Rikki Lake. A lush.
And Dr Phil will turn your mind to mush.

What's with tv today? How can I forget?

Now the 1980's that was the tv decade.
Coming back from school, watching bad karate.
Call channel 11, play Astromash. What a kick!
All you need do is yell pix, pix, pix, pix, pix

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